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 All our stains and dyes are formulated to showcase the craftsmanship and wood selection. Hand sanding is a key step in highlighting the grain and joinery.

Early styles of cabinetry are available in our patented antique finish, while later styles have a more transparent finish with a crisp fresh appearance. The objective is to have the finish in keeping with the style of cabinetry being used and the home it will occupy. In some cases, multiple finish layers are called for, where other applications are best served by a more contemporary approach. The cabinet exteriors are also available in a wide range of colors, while the practicality and elegance of a painted interior has been a Kennebec standard for over 30 years.

Every step we take in finishing has been researched and tested and all the more reason why our cabinetry stands apart from all others. Every finish is beautiful, showcases the craftsmanship, requires little maintenance, and is easily repairable.

"My immediate question to them was-is this kitchen original or new-it clearly is period-perfect."
                                                     ~ New Hampshire