Our kitchen photo gallery presentations range from early colonial to contemporary. Some are in the same basic panel style but are vastly different in design appointments. All of our period-inspired styles are classically understated yet elegant in presentation. It is the designer’s use of detail and proportions that define the character and beauty of each project. Also, notice the subtle changes in depth and height of cabinetry that is a “Signature Kennebec” trademark.


We are also experienced in designing and crafting cabinetry for other areas in the home. We have designed hundreds of bathrooms, libraries, and other rooms with cabinetry and panelwork. The key to honoring the homes architectural character is consistency and the kitchen cabinetry often sets the standard. Note the variety of projects such as fireplace breasting to breakfast vanities, all in period styles appropriate to the style of each home.

We have designed and built cabinetry and furniture for homes with very unusual and sophisticated architectural complexity. We have found these projects, however difficult, stimulate our design creativity and expand our construction capability. Several of the standards we currently offer are a direct result of features found in research for these projects. As you view the photo gallery note the exquisite design details and expert craftsmanship.